Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How the eating change happened

We have heard this saying many times: "You are what you eat."

How about the saying,

"you are HOW MUCH you eat"


"your quality of health is the quality of food you eat"

All these thoughts above came to head for me October 2011. I got sick, real sick. It was a 24 hr BUG" or was it? It was a day after my daughter's birthday party. So the days before, I had sugar, sugar, sugar. The day I was sick... lets just say I have never been that sick before, ever and my body wanted everything out of it, no matter how it did it. I couldn't even sip water. Not a fun day.

Lets skip TMI details and fast forward to a lab result I will never forget... translated in English was "Abundance of Yeast". I was like what? huh? So as anyone does these days, I did an online search. the search led me to several articles that clicked! Spoke to me! and Helped me change THAT DAY!

Real quick, let me Rewind back... Oct 2010, before my 4th child was due to come into the world, I was set and ready in my head.... to "get my body back". I had peace about being "done" with having kids and our four blessings were above and beyond our expectations after our 'bout' with infertility (due to PCOS) and leaving our child bearing in the hands of God. It brings joy to our hearts that God saw us fit or in favor and blessing us with four amazing kids!

So back to the day, I got my lab results and online search info... I said that is it, I'm going back to my low-carb lifestyle. A few years before I had my daughter and a year before I was diagnosed with PCOS, I completely changed the way I ate, by choice along with my husband. Then into my first trimester with my daughter in 2004, I couldn't low-carb anymore and haven't until Oct 4, 2012!

NOW: I am eating less quantity, better quality, and couldn't be happier to be just lbs away from losing 100 lbs and closer my goal weight! I have evolved my eating beyond just "low-carb" eating but to more raw and real and clean. I follow JJ Virgin's The Virgin Diet model. It works and I'm melting. Not proud to say, I have not hit the gym yet, but I will when that season opens up with the help of God!

Just dream, write it down and follwo through, stick to it and if you fall, get back on, immediatly!!!

disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any kind of medical professional, so seek medical advice for your path. I've done this under medical supervision, you shoudl too. - Jackie