Saturday, February 9, 2013

The results are in: Two Years Later from Max Weight

Then, February 2011:
I was my biggest ever. Granted I had just given birth to #4, but still, I should have never let myself 'go' that much! Even though I did (forgive yourself and move on), I committed to myself, that I would get to my pre-
children weight, whenever I could (no deadline, no pressure, just change!).

Now, February 2013:
Here are my Amazing results with just changing my eating!

Now I do encourage working out. Personally, I do when I can, but it's still not 'regular' for me and that it ok, I have also committed to getting to it when that season opens.

In Two Years, Lost/Gain:
  • Lost a total of 96 lbs
  • Lost 5 pant sizes
  • Lost 3 underwear sizes
  • Lost 2 wedding band sizes
  • Lost 1 shoe size
  • Lost shirt sizes from XXL to an L and sometimes an M
  • Lost BP Meds (with doctor's approval)
  • Gained Daily Energy, I've never had before
  • Gained Health, for me and my family
  • Gained Quality of Life
  • Gained Confidence, Drive, Excitement, and more

I wish...
I want to so badly to give you what I have now and continue to gain... Health! I want you to feel the accomplishment through the hard work. I want you to lose the excess weight that is holding you back in energy, physical mobility, health, and more.

But I cannot do it for you, I pray that you will have a day where everything is right for you and you start, you take realistic-doable baby steps or even some Leaps to change what you are doing now. I also then pray that you never go back and for any slip up, you immediately forgive yourself and get back on!

You can have your own "2 year results", one day at a time!
So every day you do not try, you lose in winning so much for yourself! I know you "want" it, I did to, then a day came where it was time, I had enough. With God's help and the support of my husband and friends, I am able to do this and still do

Let's Do This!

Please see your doctor about help/guidance, and if you don't like what they say, get a second opinion (I know, I have many times in the past)! Your Health depends on it!

NOTE: I, Jackie, encourage eating right (3 meals) and exercise (within your physical capacity). I do not think "doing what works for you" is a catchall. Some people really doing some extreme diets or exercise that are not realistic for a long term lifestyle and for weight loss and health. Be sensible!