Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!

Will this be a year of a "new you"?

No pressure of deadlines! Get those out of your head! Just do what is realistic in adding to your life and/or changing your lifestyle!

When I changed my eating, I had mentally prepared a year before it happened while I as pregnant with #4 and at my Heaviest!. When the door opened to do it, I did not plan it or see it coming, but felt the opportunity and GRABBED IT!

Get focused and take baby steps!

These were/are mine...

So please do this - Your Homework...
  • Hand-Write Down your goals.
  • Put them where you see them (bath mirror, fridge, etc)
  • Know you *will* have Amazing days!
  • Know you *will* have defeated days!
  • Know that the next meal or next day you can start over (if you backslide).
  • Give yourself Grace, Love, Time, and Forgiveness
  • Be Focused, Determined, Driven, and Goal minded
  • Get a partner to do this with (spouses encouraged to do this together or get a friend who will not enable you to fail).
  • Yes, you may consume your day with thinking about what you eat and what you do ... Until it become habit or an auto-lifestyle.

My challenge this year is to add more activity to my life (dare I call it exercise?).

So I can reach the next level of health. I have a husband and fours kids (8 and under) that need a healthy wife/mommy. Things can surely happen out of my control, but at the end of the day I have to live with the (few) things that I can control - My Fork and Getting off my Booty!

Let's Do This!