Monday, January 14, 2013

Breakfast Shake: Skeptic to Believer

Eat Breakfast - Never Skip IT!

My Old Mindset... Food is just wonderful. I feel we should EAT! So when I see 'meal replacements', I'm tuned off.

My New Thinking... We are not "replacing the meal"... we are still HAVING the Meal! A wonderful way to get what you need quick, easy, and delicious! It's a mindset that I now understand. So lets Eat, even if it's in a cup!

I used to eat... Yummy omelets packed with veggies, not too bad for you really, but about an hour after, lets just say I had some less-than-desired symptoms. Then about 2-4 hours after, I was a little "munchie" or "snacky". Not good when you want to limit snacks (increasing insulin production in your body, with me, pcos). Weightloss was slow, and not much increased energy.

Now I eat... A "JJ Virgin Breakfast Shake" (a link to article with free recipe). I use JJ Virgin's Shake/Smoothie Recipes a (link to pdf of recipes) and the results:
  • Love the Taste!
  • Don't feel like I skipped breakfast!
  • FAST to make!
  • Very Filling!
  • Energy Afterward!
  • Full until lunch, easy!
  • Get the PFFV (Protein, Fat, Fiber, Veggies)!
  • Melting away the pounds!
These are my personal experiences after having them daily now. I admit, when I had one here and there, I did NOT get the listed results everytime. So yes, this is my Daily New Breakfast!

"Assembly" making the shake/smoothie...
UPDATE: April 2013: I do not use WHEY protein anymore because it's dairy. I use a vegan rice protein now.

Add chosen Ingredients
Blend & Drink!

Enough of me, Hear from JJ Virgin!...

JJ Virgin was on Rachel Ray showing this too! (3m 54 sec)
See the shake assembly on Rachel Ray!
(link to clip on Rachel Ray's Show Site)


Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin shares a "smart tip" about the importance
of starting the day off with a breakfast smoothie. (1m 12 sec)

Ok need MORE... Here's another Video with JJ Virgin from eHow. (3m 30 sec)

Still want to see/hear how to do this and the benefits? (6m 29sec) Full of info on EACH Ingredient, Great if you don't have time to read!

Blessings to you and to your Health!
Let's Do This,
Jackie :)