Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 years coming up!

It was Feb 2011 when I was my heaviest. Yes, I gave birth to #4 and ate whatever I wanted during Thanksgiving and Christmas before the birth, but it was NO excuse to really not see what I was doing to myself. I admit I didn't see it. I looked in the mirror and as long as I could look good in my face, I never realized how big my body was, until we had to fly and get in an airplane seat. :(

So now, My January 1st weigh is showed I have lost 95 lbs and I love it! I've done it safely, realistically and sadly without real regular exercise. I WANT you all to know you SHOULD Exercise, I should. But really if you come live with me, you would see how very stressful and challenging that would be and STRESS STOPS WEIGHTLOSS, if not increases weight GAIN! UGH!

SO I choose not to stress over that and in time... I will Work out!

this looks like an 'evolution' photo, LOL.
From big and hunched to healthier and able to stand up straight!

I will be traveling for the next two weeks. I hope to have resources to stay stocked on good foods and get in sleep, relaxing, and maybe exercise!

Eager to report everything when I get back! See you in February for my RESULTS!!!! I want NO WEIGHT GAIN!!!!  Anything lost is a BONUS!!!!