Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Health Coach Spotlight: JJ Virgin

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Used to go once a month,
now it's once to twice a week!
A weight loss journey is evolving. It has to be. We have to do what is realistic for our life now and as it changes. Our resources change, our schedules change, so our eating lifestyle needs to evolve with it all.

October 2011 was when eating in our household changed 100%. In May of 2012, I will say I got better because in our research online for more ideas/answers, we can across JJ Virgin! She has absolutely enhanced our eating and thinking our way thin!

She has just come out with a new book that we have ordered and cannot wait to get called The Virgin Diet. Of course, the title playing off her last name, but we really need to think in terms of getting our stomachs back to a 'virgin gut' from the day we were born!

If you like to compete with yourself or up for a challenge you can try her The Virgin Diet Challenge. I dare you! :-) Because I know you'll love the results, but you have to follow it 100%. Others were not pleased with results after a few days but there are so many factors and one is following it to the letter. She's done the homework for you, now all you have to do is, do it! Easy in my opinion!

This before and after is 6 months
of following JJ Virgin's eating advice,
(one food still not elliminated, yet).
So far, 1 pant size lost, inches lots in
chest, waist, and hips! All this without
'dieting', starving, and just using simple
eating guidelines that make sense!
Or if that is too much, then just go for the JJ's Fast Fat Loss Package. Or if you are good with your eating and you really want to get moving, active, or better yet... Bursting! Then I will recommend you get JJ's Fit Club - Get a FREE 4x4 Workout Video! - I love the 4x4 workouts! Very realistic in doing and staying with them. If you are ready to just go all out, then go straight to the 4x4 Workout DVDs. You won't be disappointed in the results. Just stay disciplined and get a buddy for accountability! Helps your succeed 100%. What are you waiting for? Try a Free 4x4 Workout! and join in the wonderful research that has already been done for you! I know my family is benefiting from it all!