Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sleep: Make it a Priority

It's been said by many nutrition and fitness experts that "sleep" is probably one of the TOP ways to help you lose and/or maintain weight! So are you getting enough sleep?

"Long-term sleep deprivation can make your cells insulin resistant which leads to higher fasting insulin levels. Besides impairing fat burning, these high levels can also lead to diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.", says JJ Virgin in her article "Sleeping Well is Your Number One Defense for Fast Fat Loss". If that isn't incentive enough then what is?

If you don't want to read articles, then you can watch this video from FoxNews about "Study: Sleep less, eat more: Does sleep deprivation contribute to weight gain?". It can be argued for sure, but it is probably certainly not the best way to go (without much sleep) for over all health!

If you rather read from PubMed, then you can here in their article "Exposure to recurrent sleep restriction in the setting of high caloric intake and physical inactivity results in increased insulin resistance and reduced glucose tolerance." They even have fancy graphs and charts for those who need that to help encourage them to Sleep.

You need to set a bed time for yourself! Yes, you! Go to bed at 10pm is a good start. Or if you are stubborn and hard to change, then try to back up your bed time 30 min each night for a week or until you have backed it up to a reasonable time where you can get your much needed 7 to 9 hours of sleep! Do it. Try it out! For your health and Weight loss sake!

Ok, it's late. Off to bed!