Monday, December 19, 2016

I drink for breakfast.

Confession: I drink for breakfast, lol. 😜
Chocolate Peppermint breakfast! 🍫 

The Fall has Pumpkin Spice, 👍
So Winter gets Peppermint. 🎄

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Clarification... I (Jackie) have ONE shake a day to increase/maintain INTERNAL health with Superfood.

 For me... No more high BP, No more suffering PCOS, No more yachy knees, no more high body temp, and more awful ailments/symptoms (I'll spare you)! Most times it's a meal replacement other times it's snack or dessert (sometimes both).

 I started daily shakes in Nov/Dec 2011 after we changed our eating Oct 2011. I made them from scratch, ugh... It took a long time to make...

 In 2015, I started using #JackieApproved shake mixes (I scrutinize ingredients), so I can scoop, mix, and eat quck! It's food, Superfood that has been my SHORTCUT, my MAGIC PILL, where my daily life and family benefit from my efforts to be Responsible for my health.

💚 I love you all very much and pray for your health daily.

🔃 The journey has it's highs and lows, so strive for consistency, realistic changes, and have unconditional support!

👉 I am always hosting groups for sticking to those three concepts.

🎯 Message me to see which group best fits your needs and when... YOU DECIDE!

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